Primary Business

EURO FRIGO is an agricultural company whose primary business is purchasing, processing and exporting berry-like and stone fruits.
The company is concentrated on processing raspberry, blackberry and plums. The company plans to develop purchasing and processing capacities of other berry-like fruit such as strawberry, blueberry and currant.
Our products, especially raspberry have been present in the European countries for years, primarily in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, the Netherlands and Belgium. The exported fruit is used in the production of desserts, ice cream, juices, marmalades, dairy products and other products in the food industry.
Our buyers have been our business partners for years and are always sure EURO FRIGO shall fulfill their requirements and expectations.

Company History

As a result of acquired knowledge, experience and desire to apply new ideas in processing berries, the company EURO FRIGO from Požega was established in November 1998. Vladan Vulovic, the owner of the company, invested in it vast experience which he gained by being a co-owner of the first private cool storage in this region - ‘Partnersped’. Over twenty years of practice in the business and a long-term cooperation with the same producers and buyers make us the leader in purchasing and processing berries in the region.
‘Euro Frigo’ has the capacity of 2000 t. We also buy fresh raspberry, willamette and meeker, and fresh blackberry.
Over twenty-year long cooperation with many producers as well as long-lasting trust of the regular clients confirm good business policy of ‘Euro Frigo’.


’Euro Frigo’ pays special attention to product quality and safety. The education of our growers, quality, product traceability and the satisfaction of our buyers present the key points of our business.
A new cold storage facility was built on a selected location with all necessary spaces and capacities in a minus regime of 2 000 tons.
The installed state-of-the-art cooling, processing and storage equipment is in compliance with the standards and recommended practice in the food and cold fruit processing industry.
We have also constructed auxiliary buildings for stocking packaging, production and raw material and equipment as well as a laser sorting line.
Raw material is provided from the individual farmer growers’ orchards in the immediate vicinity of the cold-storage facility and in cooperation with the fresh fruit buyers who transport the fruit from the villages in the vicinity. All our growers are aware of our requirements regarding quality, and as support for obtaining quality fruit, we provide them with the necessary production material and expert aid in applying all agro-technical measures.

We are also one of the early adopters of IFS standard in the region. What is IFS standard?

IFS represents a quality and food safety standard all in one and has been developed in order to control the competitiveness of food producers relating to safety and food quality using a single instrument or standard.
IFS is currently a widely applied global standard for controlling food safety and the degree of product quality. These ultimate food standards are based on the traceability standards and the possibility to follow up the product quality at any given production and distribution phase from the primary producer to the end user. The demanding IFS standard requirements provide possibilities to ensure and retain buyer trust and secure consumer protection by producing safe and quality products.

Euro-Frigo D.O.O.